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Sweet Bonanza was launched by the famous casino game developer Pragmatic Play in 2019. Very popular slots with colorful gameplay, which consist of 5 rows of reels with many winning combinations.

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Online gambling has been developing at a rapid pace around the world in recent years. This popularity is explained by the gradual transition of the gaming industry to the online space, as well as the impact of the global pandemic.Today, people are happy to try their luck from the comfort of their homes or offices, play Sweet Bonanza online for real money, and many of them get huge sums of money by hitting the Jackpot.

However, given the growing number of new online casinos, scammers are also appearing on the network, often deceiving gullible customers. To avoid such risks, the following are the ratings of the best online casinos for Sweet Bonanza, as well as the main nuances and rules of the game both on PC and mobile devices.The company offers players a lot of bonuses, which include material gifts from the first deposits and free spins with the opportunity to win extra money at Sweet Bonanza.The above rating is subjective and does not have a promotional nature, as it is based solely on positive feedback from real customers of these online casinos.

Sweet Bonanza game review

Developer 🎮 Pragmatic Play
Year of release 🗓️ 2019
Volatility ⚖️ Medium-high
Max win🏆💰 x21175
RTP 96.51%
Symbols 🍉🍬 Fruit, Candy
Retrigger Yes
Option to buy bonus 💸 Yes
Number of free spins 🎰 10 (in bonus game)

Almost all modern slots in online casinos have an identical algorithm of work. The following is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to organize a successful game on virtual online slot machines, as well as explaining and deciphering the main symbols of the gameplay so that novice users of the gambling platform have a complete understanding of this type of exciting gambling applications (using the example of Sweet Bonanza).

Sweet bonanza How to play

sweet bonanza play online

In order to start playing Sweet Bonanza slots downloaded from an online casino for real money, a potential user of the platform should follow these steps:

  • Logging in to the official website of the gaming platform to which Sweet Bonanza is downloaded on a PC or through the application on any mobile device.
  • Filling out the registration form with personal and contact information, as well as other information about the player requested by the system.
  • Verification of a new user account via e-mail, SMS or any other method offered by the platform.
  • Login to the system through the authorization of a registered player.
  • Replenishment of the deposit by the required amount, not lower than the minimum, in any way convenient for the player, provided that it is supported by the system or providers.
  • Activation of no deposit and welcome bonuses, if such rewards are offered by the system. As a rule, links pop up in the form of notifications after a deposit is made.
  • Selecting a game that interests the user, for example, Sweet Bonanza, and entering the gameplay by clicking on the icon next to a short description and a picture of a particular application.
  • Placing bets on different lines and starting the game, spinning the reels, crediting winnings to the player’s internal virtual account in case of successful combinations on the reels.
  • Withdrawal of funds from the system to the player’s personal account, bank card, cryptocurrency wallet, or through an electronic payment system, provided that a particular platform supports such transactions and the user has accumulated the minimum amount of money to withdraw. It should also be taken into account that any no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins, provided that winning combinations occur, can be withdrawn from the system only if the deposit is replenished.

Some algorithms for different gaming portals may differ slightly from each other in terms of registering a new user or withdrawing the money won, but the basic gameplay of all modern slots, as a rule, remains unchanged.

Sweet bonanza rules

To avoid mistakes in the process of playing Sweet Bonanza in an online casino, as well as to increase the chances of winning, users should always follow the following basic rules:

  • Any winning combinations on online slots are random, and players should not try to find mathematical statistics and logic to get a win.
  • Each winning combination brings the player a certain amount of winnings or opens a window with bonus games.
  • The bet on each line must be no less than the minimum allowed for a particular slot machine.
  • Players can bet as much as 10 units, which will increase their chances of winning, but also increase the risk of losing money after an unsuccessful spin of the reels.
  • The winnings are determined by a combination of successful symbols that are deciphered in the table at the top of the screen or opened by clicking on the link in the gameplay.
  • In the case of several winning combinations at once, if a player has placed a bet on a combination of lines, the payouts are recalculated with a multiplier.
  • In addition to direct winnings, most slots have bonus symbols that provide access to the game of the same name without bets, but with the possibility of receiving real money.
  • Many slot machines offer progressive or fixed jackpots – the maximum possible winnings with a unique combination of lucky symbols.
  • Some applications also offer players lucrative bonus programs that are calculated separately from cash winnings. When players accumulate a certain amount, they receive additional rewards in the form of prizes or free spins.
sweet bonanza online

Before starting to play Sweet Bonanza on any platform, you should go to the special section located at the bottom of the main page and be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and nuances of the gameplay, which will allow you not only to avoid gross mistakes but also not to miss important features of a particular application, and, in some cases, increase the chances of a big win.

Sweet Bonanza symbols

As mentioned above, the winnings of a logged-in user are determined by the coincidence of a certain number of lucky symbols, the decoding of which is described in detail below:

  • Paylines – all reels of modern slots simultaneously show three rows of symbols after a stop. The gameplay can be divided into a grid – 3 horizontal lines, as well as diagonal and zigzags. Winning combinations can be located on any of these lines, provided that the player has placed a bet on it. Sweet Bonanza does not have paylines, as the application uses a cascading system of winnings when 8 or more identical symbols appear.
  • Standard symbols in Sweet Bonanza mean winning combinations, provided that they are located in an amount of 8 or more on the screen after the reels stop.
  • “Wild symbols”, the appearance of which also depends on the theme of the game, but each of these icons is complemented by the inscription “Wild”. Such designations indicate the possibility of replacing this symbol with any other standard icon to complete a winning combination. There are no wild symbols in Sweet Bonanza
  • Scatter symbols – as a rule, in the form of cherries or other special pictures, the presence of which on the screen indicates the payment of a small compensation if none of the winning lines has not played during the spin of the reels of the slot machine.
  • Scatter symbols – give access to bonus games, provided that three of them appear on the screen at the same time after the reels stop. Sweet Bonanza requires 4 or more Scatter symbols to activate free spins.
  • Multiplier symbols mean that any winnings during the current spin will be multiplied by a higher coefficient.
  • Bonus symbols in Sweet Bonanza give you the right to free spins or various gifts from the system.
sweet bonanza slot

Many slots also have special and unique symbols that allow you to receive winnings in a particular application. To study such opportunities, you need to analyze the table in detail before spinning the reels.

The size of bets, variance, and RTP

Every online casino strives to provide players with the most introductory and convenient conditions of minimum and maximum bets that do not exceed psychological barriers.

However, the competition often leads to the fact that gambling platforms are forced to lower rates to attract new customers. Most slots offer players minimum bets of 0.1 to 1 dollar or 1 euro per line.

This amount can increase to 10, 20, or even 50 dollars or euros, but at the player’s request.

At the same time, the minimum deposit for replenishment is at least 5-10 dollars or euros, because the casino is interested in a long stay of the player on the platform.

Volatility and variance in slots from different providers differ. For example, Sweet Bonanza guarantees players up to 96% of winning combinations, which gives users the opportunity to calculate mathematical expectations from the game with a high degree of probability by correctly predicting the current bet.

sweet bonanza play online

The gambling industry also introduces a special term – Return To Player (RTP), which means the percentage of return for the player.

Play Sweet Bonanza

Sweet bonanza FAQ

When potential users of gambling platforms contact the support service of the platform developer when they have problems playing slots for real money, they often ask the same typical questions.

To save players’ time, the following are the most frequently asked questions with detailed answers to each of them.

What are the betting limits in Sweet Bonanza?

Betting limits on slots are limited by the provider for technical and economic reasons. As a rule, the minimum bet in Sweet Bonanza Slot starts from €0.2. The maximum bets are limited by the possible percentage of winnings and the solvency of the casino. Slot Sweet Bonanza has a maximum bet of €50 for 1 spin of the reels.

How can I get free spins at Slot Sweet Bonanza?

In the conditions of active competition between different online gambling platforms, developers offer free spins to players who use slots. In Slot Sweet Bonanza, this bonus is available when more than 4 Scatter symbols appear on the gameplay after the reels stop, as well as in the case of special bonus symbols.

Is Sweet Bonanza Slot available on mobile?

Yes, of course, every major company engaged in the development and management of modern online casinos with slot machines in their catalog offers different versions of the software both on PC, in full-scale format, and on mobile devices. Slot Sweet Bonanza is accessible through all mobile versions and online casino apps listed above.

Can I play Slot Sweet Bonanza for free?

No deposit Slot Sweet Bonanza is available on all the gaming platforms listed above that offer demo versions of this gambling application. Here, the player gets access to an individual account filled with fake money from the system, which can be used for betting and spinning the reels. In case of winning, the money is credited to the user’s virtual account, but the player cannot withdraw it under any circumstances.

Where to play Sweet Bonanza Slot?

Of course, the traditional place to play slots has always been a casino building. However, in recent years, state regulators have significantly reduced the number of gambling establishments in the world, introduced various restrictions, and the recent pandemic that ended has contributed to the rapid development of the online gambling business.

What is Slot Sweet Bonanza?

Slot Sweet Bonanza is a fruit and candy-themed slot machine with a cascading win system and an RTP rating of over 96%. Developed by the world-famous Pragmatic Play provider, it is one of the most popular modern slots.

Sweet Bonanza
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