Sweet Bonanza Candyland

If a player is passionate about Sweet Bonanza slots, he or she will also like the Wheel of Fortune, which can bring a lot of money. Sweet Bonanza Candyland is exactly the kind of app that combines two games with the same candy-fruit style of the developer of these online casinos.

sweet bonanza candyland


The name of the game is Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

The developer is Pragmatic Play.

The platform type is Live Casino.

RTP rating is over 96% (average).

Compatibility – PC, Mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.


Classic slots.

Live casino.

Wheel of Fortune.

Multiplayer option with a jackpot of up to 0.5 million euros.


According to the analysis of the platform’s statistics, Sweet Bonanza Candyland has one of the highest RTP ratios among competitors – up to 96.5%. All games from this developer are characterized by a significant level of volatility, which guarantees players frequent small wins that partially cover their betting costs. However, the chance to win large sums is also very high.

What’s Sweet Bonanza Live?

The provider of this application offers players a unique Money Wheel that contains 54 divisions with different symbols and prizes for players. This game is presented in the live casino format, which means that users become participants of a real show with live hosts. Drawings are held live, and participation and bets are possible 24/7. This section of the gambling platform is characterized by realistic graphics in the format of an entertainment show, and players can try their luck and compete for the biggest prize – Jackpot.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Grill Rules

The game is designed not only for betting and winning but also for entertainment, like a realistic interactive show.

The user goes to the app and chooses the amount of the bet they plan to place on one of the segments of the wheel of fortune.

After the bets are placed, the host spins the wheel, which stops by itself and one of the segments coincides with a stationary arrow.

If the wheel stops opposite the segment with any of the numbers, the player’s bet is multiplied by it.

If the wheel stops opposite the segment with bonus games, a new gameplay opens before the user, where he can try his luck and win extra money in different game programs.

The Multiplayer option will allow you to get a special prize – Jackpot.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

There are 8 bonus segments on the wheel:

“Sugar Bomb provides free spins with an effective bet multiplier.

“Candy Drop is a separate arcade game with colored balls.

“Sweet Spins” – the player is transferred to the gameplay of classic colorful slots, where he or she is automatically awarded 10 free spins.

Demo and demonstration

Sweet Bonanza Candyland does not provide a demo version, since players must place bets to participate. However, users can simply watch the reel spin and the work of the hosts, which will bring them pleasure and allow them to better understand the gameplay before playing for real money.


Casinos are always a high risk of losing, despite RTP ratings.

According to statistics, bonus mini-games bring more money than the main gameplay.

It is recommended to diversify the bet into several small amounts to increase the risks of winning. The size of bets should correspond to and be proportional to the player’s budget.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Tracker

An option that registers the statistics of winnings and losses of users. Tracking is carried out automatically, and the tool takes into account each spin, bet, and bonus mini-game. It allows you to compile statistics and calculate your personal RTP rate.

Mobile version

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is available both on PCs and mobile devices – smartphones or tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile version is downloaded via an ARC file or through the smartphone store. The application is downloaded to the device’s memory, from where the distributions and the Wasp interface are installed.

Winning values

For a bet 1:

Number 1 – 2x.

Number 2 – 3x.

Sugar bomb – 5x.

Candy Drop – 10x.

Sweet Spin – 10 free spins.

For a bet 2:

Number 1 – 4x.

Number 2 – 6x.

Sugar bomb – 10x.

Candy Drop – 20x.

Sweet Spin – 20 free spins.

For a bet 5:

Number 1 – 10x.

Number 2 – 15x.

Sugar bomb – 25x.

Candy Drop – 50x.

Sweet Spin – 50 free spins.

For a bet 10:

Number 1 – 20s.

Number 2 – 30s.

Sugar bomb – 50x.

Candy Drop – 100x.

Sweet Spin – 100 free spins.

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