Sweet Bonanza Dice

A unique game that resembles Sweet Bonanza slots, but the principle of spinning the reels is fundamentally different. When winning combinations appear on a 6 x 5 grid, they are automatically destroyed, and random symbols with other pictures fall in their place, which can lead to an increase in payouts.

Sweet Bonanza Dice

RTP and volatility

All games from Pragmatic Play are characterized by high volatility, because the player gets a great opportunity to win very often small amounts (on average, every 4 to 5 spins).

According to statistics, the RTP rating of Sweet Bonanza Dice exceeds 96%, that is, from each minimum deposit of 10 euros, on average, the player will receive about 9.6 euros, which will almost completely cover the losses.

However, an online casino always remains a commercial gambling platform, which leads to frequent losses of users, but at the same time, the transparency and honesty of the application allow you to increase your capital and receive an amount that is many times higher than the amount of the bet.

Symbols and winning combinations in Sweet Bonanza Dice

The symbols in the game resemble dice, which are depicted in 3D. These symbols have different color shades and depict thematic pictures. The game has Multiplier Combo bonus options that will help to increase winnings by 20 thousand times.

Players are also provided with free spins in the amount of up to 25 spins. If the winning combinations match the paytable, the user receives a bet multiplied by 2.

Money Trail is an interesting option, which is a bonus scale with symbols located on it. The appearance of this section on slots means receiving free bonuses or free spins.


Sweet Bonanza Dice has no bonus mini-games.

4 Scatters symbols provide 10 free spins with a multiplier of 2.

In the absence of paylines, there is a cascading accumulative system of wins for each spin.

Players are given the opportunity to choose an additional bet or activate a multiplier.


If a player is not confident in his or her luck, he or she can always try to start getting acquainted with Sweet Bonanza Dice through the demo version of the program. By selecting the appropriate link, a virtual account is opened for them, and they can place the same bets but without risking their wallet. This allows you to get acquainted with the gameplay, calculate the average statistics of winnings and gain experience before playing for real money.

Sweet Bonanza Dice on your mobile device

The online casino application can be used on PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Players can use the convenient mobile website through a highly responsive browser without losing the functionality of the full-size version. Players can also easily download the mobile application via the AppStore, Google Play, or APK file, which will allow them to use all the functions of the gambling platform and receive notifications from the system in real time.


Scatter symbol – 4 pcs. on the screen – 3x, 5 – 5x, 6 and more – 100x.

3 green stars – over 8 – 2x, over 10 – 5x, over 12 – 15x.

2 yellow bananas – over 8 – 0.8x, over 10 – 1.2x, over 12 – 8x.

6 purple apples – over 8 – 0.25x, over 10 – 0.75x, over 12 – 2x.

Heart – over 8 – 10x, over 10 – 25x, over 12 – 50x.

4 blue diamonds – over 8 – 1.5x, over 10 – 2x, over 12 – 12x.

3 green pears – over 8 – 0.5x, over 10 – 1x, over 12 – 5x.

The female joker is Multiplier.

2 purple moons – over 8 – 2.5x, over 10 – 10x, over 12 – 25x.

1 brown apple – over 8 – 1x, over 10 – 1.5x, over 12 – 10x.

4 blue blackberries – over 8 – 0.4x, over 10 – 0.9x, over 12 – 4x.

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