Sweet Bonanza – how to win?

Sweet Bonanza strategy

The innovative Sweet Bonanza Slot is in great demand among gamblers around the world. Thanks to the expanded 6 x 5 grid and the technology of cluster wins, the absence of paylines, the chance of returning the money, according to statistics, is more than 96%.

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The system offers players bonuses in the form of free spins and profitable multipliers that increase the amount of the bet up to 175 times. Below is a detailed description of the winning technologies in Slot Sweet Bonanza.

Technical characteristics of Slot Sweet Bonanza

  • The gameplay consists of 6 reels, each of which has 5 symbols in the player’s field of view, forming horizontal rows.
  • There are no paylines.
  • To get any winnings, you need to collect at least 8 identical symbols, each of which has a certain value in the form of coefficients relative to the player’s bet, according to the tables.
  • The maximum win is paid out if the entire 6 x 5 grid is filled with identical symbols – the player gets the Jackpot.
  • The minimum bet in the game is from 20 cents, and its size can be adjusted by pressing the “+” or “-” buttons located next to the main round button with a crown to start the reels.
  • The gameplay has a convenient auto-play mode, when the reels start automatically, with a certain time interval.
  • Sweet Bonanza slot was created by the famous casino game developer Pragmatic Play in 2019.
  • The RTP (Return to Player) is over 96%.
  • The minimum bet is 20 euro cents, the maximum – up to 100 euros.
  • The game has a free demo version.
  • The game is available both on PC and mobile devices, through a browser or applications.

How are winnings paid out in Slot Sweet Bonanza?

Wins in Slot Sweet Bonanza are paid out when 8 or more fruit and candy symbols match on the same screen after the reels stop. The size of the winnings corresponds to the table, which is displayed by the link on the main screen of the gameplay and is as follows (in absolute multipliers, relative to the player’s bet)

  • Banana – 5 or more.
  • Grapes – 8 or more.
  • Watermelon – 10 or more.
  • Plum – 16 or more.
  • Apple – 20 or more.
  • Blue candy – 30 and more.
  • Green candy – 40 and more.
  • Square candy – 50 or more.
  • Heart-shaped candies – 200 or more.

Additionally, the game has a Scatter symbol, and if such a picture appears in the amount of 4 or more pieces after the reels stop, the player is entitled to a bonus game and is offered free spins. If 3 or more Scatter symbols appear again during the bonus spins, the user gets a chance for additional free spins.

Sweet Bonanza how to win

What are advanced bets?

The developers of Slot Sweet Bonanza provide customers with a unique opportunity to use the advanced bet feature. This means that each player receives a multiplier as a gift from the system even before the winnings from a lucky combination of symbols are paid out. Each bet is increased by 25%, which allows players to get even more privileges and profit from the gaming platform. It should be noted that these bonuses are common for all software products from the developer Pragmatic Play.

Useful tips and tricks for players

To ensure a pleasant pastime while playing Slot Sweet Bonanza, as well as to get the opportunity to win large sums of money, it is recommended to take into account the following useful tips, recommendations and tricks from professionals:

  • Winnings can be collected and withdrawn from the system from anywhere in the world.
  • Absolutely all winnings from a lucky combination of symbols are subject to adjustment in relation to the stake amount.
  • There are 11 different fruit and candy symbols in the gameplay, each of which needs to be combined on the screen in the amount of 8 units or more.
  • The scale of winning symbols is divided into high-value and low-value. In the case of a combination of 4 of the first and 5 of the second symbols, the amount of the bet can increase by 2 to 100 times.
  • Free spins are available in the game, as well as the option of a predictive bet and the replacement of dropped symbols with a random combination of other pictures. If players have experience in Slot Sweet Bonanza, they will be able to increase their chances of winning on their own.

Every beginner should take into account that they can start playing for real money right away, but experts recommend that they first try their hand and hone their skills in the demo version of Slot Sweet Bonanza, which will allow them to quickly understand the gameplay, calculate the real RTP, and understand the system of calculating winnings to prevent most mistakes later.

Slot Sweet Bonanza strategy

  • Each player is given the opportunity to increase the amount of the bet by 25%, thanks to this feature from Pragmatic Play, which directly affects the amount of payouts in case of a lucky combination.
  • Sweet Bonanza slot is characterized by an optimal and flexible approach to customers, when the amount of winnings does not depend on which payline the combinations of symbols are located on, but only their number on the general screen after the reels stop is taken into account.
  • Depending on their confidence, each player can place up to 20 bets before spinning the reels, starting from the limits set by the system. This significantly increases the chances of getting a big win.
  • It should be noted that beginners who have decided to play for real money should understand the game strategy in advance, study the rules and detailed information provided on the main screen of the website after clicking on the link with a question mark. If a player does not know the important nuances and details of the gameplay, he or she will risk losing or miss the win.
  • The demo version is necessary not only for beginners but also for professional players, because it shows how high the RTP rating of the platform is and what is the volatility of the gambling application. Volatility determines the frequency of payouts.
  • Beginners should choose gambling applications with low volatility only, as players are guaranteed small payouts with a higher frequency, so a novice user will not be disappointed in an online casino.

Many professionals believe that high volatility always entails increased chances of rare big wins. This statement is partially false, since the outcome of the game depends only on random coincidences of lucky symbols and cannot be accurately statistically analyzed. If we consider a specific Slot Sweet Bonanza application, according to a real analysis of the game, the RTP rating exceeds 96%, that is, from every dollar put at stake before spinning the reels, on average, 96 cents are returned to the player.

Slot Sweet Bonanza tactics

Sweet Bonanza Slot is a unique combination of pleasant fruit and candy-themed gameplay with high chances of winning and getting a big win. At the same time, this gambling platform is a commercial casino, where it is almost impossible to predict the winnings 100%. To increase the chances of getting a big win, players are recommended to use the following tactics and tricks:

  • It is recommended to clearly define the expenditure part of the budget in the game in advance. This will allow you not to part with all the money, even if you are not lucky today. It is necessary to prepare in advance that the money that a player is ready to bet in Slot Sweet Bonanza can be lost, which is why any win will be considered a stroke of luck.
  • You should also set the exact time interval for the game to prevent the development of gambling addiction.
  • If a player has decided to bet only fixed amounts before each spin, we recommend using the useful option of autospins, which will allow him to relax and watch the reels spin calmly.
  • With any bet, you should activate the multiplier function, which will allow you to increase your winnings by 2 to 100 times.
  • It is recommended to place several types of bets on different lines at once. This will provide a variety of winning combinations and increase the chances of winning. It is recommended to bet 10 units for 50 cents rather than to close one unit for 5 dollars.

The most important advice for beginners is not to play Sweet Bonanza Slot for real money right away – you should practice in the demo version in advance and hone your skills, understand all the nuances of the gameplay and the payout system. This will lead to increased self-confidence, which will undoubtedly affect the chances of winning.

Sweet Bonanza tactics

How to hit the Jackpot?

  • In order to have a chance of hitting the Jackpot, players should prepare for a long game with tens or hundreds of spins, which requires large deposits in advance, because lucky unique combinations of symbols are extremely rare.
  • It is recommended to distribute the budget for as many small bets as possible on several units at once before each spin.
  • If a player is aiming for the Jackpot, he or she should not increase the bet amount after each unsuccessful spin just to win back.
  • You should always use any chances for bonus games and free spins when Scatter symbols appear.
  • It should be remembered that these games are intended for entertainment purposes, which is why it is not recommended to exceed your budgets due to excessive excitement.


Sweet Bonanza slot is a colorful electronic slot machine that allows you to enjoy the gameplay every minute, have fun with a lot of features and attractive design, and try your luck at winning large sums. The game offers many variations in terms of bets and winnings, the payout of which is very different from the classic scheme, since the developer has applied the latest cluster technology. Payouts do not depend on the location of the symbols, but are calculated only on the basis of their number – at least 8 pieces on the screen after the reels stop.

The RTP rating of this slot is considered to be one of the highest in the gambling industry and is more than 96%, which attracts many new users every day who want to combine a pleasant pastime with the possibility of making a profit.

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What is Slot Sweet Bonanza? Slot Sweet Bonanza is a unique game developed by Pragmatic Play in 2019 and quickly took a leading position in the gambling world. Slots can be played on both PC and mobile devices, players can download the application on iOS or Android, via the ARC file or the Google Play store, AppStore. The main principle of Slot Sweet Bonanza is to pay out winnings not for matching symbols along paylines, but for their number on the screen with a 6 x 5 grid – from 8 units or more. 

Can I play Sweet Bonanza Slot for free?

Yes, of course, to do this, you should use the demo version of the game, where a virtual account is registered for the player, and he does not risk his own wallet, but such winnings cannot be withdrawn from the platform. Also, players can get free spins in the real money game if 4 Scatter symbols appear on the screen.What are the most valuable symbols in Slot Sweet Bonanza? The most valuable symbol in Slot Sweet Bonanza is a heart-shaped lollipop.If 8 or more of these symbols appear on the screen, the player’s bet is increased by 200 times or more.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Slot Sweet Bonanza?

The minimum bet in the game is only 20 cents, the maximum is 100 euros.Each player can bet money on several (up to 20 units) paylines at once, which will increase his chances of winning.

How much is the RTPR in Slot Sweet Bonanza?

The RTPR, or the percentage of winnings from the bets placed by the player, is over 96%, which is one of the highest rates among gambling platforms from competitive developers.

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