Sweet Bonanza slot review

Sweet Bonanza is a unique gambling platform that gives users not only a chance to win big money but also to enjoy the high-quality gameplay design and unique style on the fruit and candy theme.

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This slot has an innovative system of cluster wins, when users can multiply their capital not by betting on a specific payline, but after a random combination of more than 8 identical symbols on a large 6 x 5 grid (6 reels with 5 symbols on each). It is worth noting that, according to the RTP rating, the casino returns more than 96% of winnings to players on average, which guarantees them a successful game with minimal risk of losing their own money.

Sweet Bonanza game review

This section is dedicated to sweet bonanza customer reviews, which share their opinions after registering, making a deposit, playing and receiving cherished winnings on this online gambling platform. Below, you can see the opinions of real online casino customers who often leave their feedback on independent forums and other online portals.

Reviews of Sweet Bonanza by real players


I love this slot. At first, the graphics seemed too childish to me, but then I got into the gameplay and really liked the user-friendly interface. And the most important thing is that I started winning real money on this platform, because lucky combinations fall out much more often here than in other casinos. I am now in the black. I definitely recommend Sweet Bonanza to all gamblers, because you have never seen anything like it before.


This is a very cool game that brings me back to my fairytale childhood. It has a very beautiful design, which is why girls also start playing in online casinos often, reminiscent of Candy Crush. Only here you can win, and the amounts I receive really make me happy.


I really like this slot machine, and I really win good money here. Before placing my first bet, I tried the demo version of the app and made an RTP rating because I have been fond of online casinos for a long time. What surprised me was that the statistics do not change when playing for real money, and this indicates a truly transparent and honest approach to customers. I can’t help but note the stunning graphics with fruit and candy themes.


I believe that Sweet Bonanza is a unique game that has virtually no competitors in the world. I enjoy the great graphics, the ease of operation, and I really like the huge number of winning combinations that appear during every 3rd or 4th spin of the reels. I’m happy to continue playing for several hours every day and recommend this platform to everyone I know who is interested in online casinos.


A great game that I literally cannot tear myself away from day or night. I note a huge number of features, beautifully designed graphics and animation, and, most importantly, the possibility of winning big money. I’ve been playing Slot Sweet Bonanza for over a year now, I always count and write down all my income and expenses, and I can say for sure that today I’m in the black because the developers really don’t lie about the high RTP rating.


My job gives me a lot of free time, and I have been playing in online casinos for many years, constantly experimenting with new platforms. I especially like different slots, and in recent months I have been choosing Slot Sweet Bonanza. To be honest, I’m not entirely thrilled with the graphics, because they don’t seem quite as brutal as I like. But I do like to win, and here I was able to multiply my bets more than 80 times! And that’s in just 4 months of playing, which is something I haven’t seen on any other gambling platform, and I’m really excited about it. I think that soon I won’t need to go to work with these slots.

Sweet Bonanza players reviews


I’ve been playing these slots for a long time now, and I’ve noticed that the chances of winning are exactly what the app providers promise – about 90%, but maybe it’s just that I’m lucky so often. About every 7 spins, I get Scatters, and I get bonus games in the form of free spins. Once I had 12 hearts, and watermelons and apples of 8-10 pieces fall out almost every 4-5 spins. I am very pleased with the game. I am seeing a good profit, and I am not going to give up this addiction, because it is both profitable and interesting, especially given the colourful graphics.


I installed the Sweet Bonanza app on my mobile phone quite recently, and I don’t have much experience in gambling. I liked the graphics right away – I didn’t see the strict Las Vegas style here – everything is very funny and relaxed. To be honest, I didn’t manage to win from the first deposit, and this is not surprising. But the minimum deposit amount is only 10 euros, and it’s not much – no more expensive than going to the cinema, but there is much more excitement here. I’ve been playing for two weeks, I made only 3 deposits, and on the third time I got 14 watermelons, and I won back all the money I invested, and the bonus free spins allow me to relax and watch the game in automatic mode without worrying about the fate of my wallet.


I don’t consider myself a gambling professional, but I am a very gambling person, I have a lot of free time, and I often stay at home. I downloaded the Sweet Bonanza app just for the beautiful gameplay, on the advice of my friend. Now we are competing in the number of wins, and I am even in the lead. The 30-slot playing field really gives you a lot of options for winning big money. In 3 months, I learned how to quickly replace symbols, and I like the game not only for the random occurrence of winning combinations, but also for the possibility of analytical analysis to win and receive money from the casino. I definitely recommend it to all housewives, but please start with the demo mode.


Over the past almost 10 years, I have tried more than 30 different slot machines from a lot of world-renowned providers. But after I saw Sweet Bonanza at Pin Up Casino, I can’t stop, and I can say with full confidence that this is the best online casino I’ve ever met. I started playing with the demo version and I loved everything about it – the graphics, the variation of wins, the attractive fruit and candy symbols, the many winning combinations, the high return percentage. After 2 days of playing the trial version, I decided to register and make a deposit, only 6 out of 10 euros came back, but from the second deposit of 10 euros I won 15 – plus a small one, but I don’t give up and hope to win! I recommend everyone to try their luck.


I don’t know why I did it and installed Sweet Bonanza on my phone, because I used to play only free puzzles. However, I have not regretted it for a single minute. Unfortunately, my first two deposits of 10 euros each were completely lost. I set a budget for myself of a maximum of 30 euros, but from the 1st spin after the bet from the third deposit, I got as many as 12 square candies – emotions are indescribable, and I won, and it’s a good amount. To be honest, I withdrew the money to my card, but I did not make a new deposit, I am afraid of getting this gambling addiction, but the programme is working – I can say that 100%.


I work as a taxi driver in a large company, only on request. Sometimes I have to wait for a VIP client for several hours, so I got interested in gambling. I never believed in success and big winnings, and I always uninstalled more than 10 previous apps from my tablet because they brought only losses. Everything changed when I found the Sweet Bonanza ARC file. To be honest, I don’t win much – I have never gone further than 11 grapes. But the Scatters symbols appear almost every 5 reel spins. Nice graphics, colourful gameplay, I really like playing these slots, and I’m not going to delete them yet.


I come from Southeast Asia, and I think that gambling is in our blood. I have accounts in 7 different online casinos on my office computer, and I like slots the most. I consider Slot Sweet Bonanza to be the best of them, because the animation of the gameplay delights me, I’m ready to try to spin these fruit wheels again and again. But when I win, it makes me ecstatic. None of the other slots give you so many chances to win. I recently read in a review that Slot Sweet Bonanza provides an RTP rating of 96%, and I can say that this is not an exaggeration.


I am a pensioner and spend a lot of time at home. I don’t like watching TV, and I can’t work anymore. My passion is slots, and for the last six months, Sweet Bonanza. I just open this app every day for 2-3 hours. I rarely make deposits, and often put the money I win into circulation. It seems to me that in six months, I have spent a maximum of 40-50 euros of my money, no more. However, I have never withdrawn my winnings – I have a little over 800 euros on my account, and I continue to play because I do it for fun. The platform is of a very high quality and generous, the winnings are transparent, and it is very easy to multiply your bet.


I am a business analyst by profession, I always calculate risks, never invest in dubious projects, and I discourage my clients from taking such risks. Of course, my work is projected onto my hobby, and I really like playing in casinos – it relaxes my brain and allows me to win some money. Of course, I consider gambling to be a dubious activity with no happy ending, but Sweet Bonanza has changed my mind a bit. First of all, I checked the RTP rating declared by the developers, played the demo for almost a month and won. I decided to make my first deposit of 50 euros – the system immediately credited me with the same amount and gave me an additional 125 free spins. I played for a month without making any deposits from my card, and today I have 52 euros on my account. It’s a beautiful game, easy to control, relaxes the brain, I can’t say anything about winning, but a complete loss is also unlikely.

Sweet Bonanza real reviews


I’m a student, and my mum always discouraged me from playing in casinos. I disobeyed and installed the slots that seemed to me the most attractive in design. It was a mobile application on my iPhone called Sweet Bonanza. I didn’t make a deposit right away, I played a little bit of the demo. The gameplay is extremely simple, you just need to collect 8 or more identical symbols during each new spin of the reels. As a result, when I deposited the coveted ten euros, placed bets on 10 lines of 0.2 euros each, I got 8 hearts on the 4th spin. Even my mother was happy because the amount of winnings exceeded 120 euros, which is a huge profit compared to the deposit. I play cautiously, but often, until I have had other big wins.


Hello, my name is Makis and I am from Greece, but I work and live in Russia. I’ve always been loyal to gambling, and when I installed Slot Sweet Bonanza, I really fell in love with the casino. I play every night before going to bed and a little bit in the morning. I don’t have an addiction, but the excitement comes with every win. Maybe I’m not the luckiest person in the world, but I get back about 8 euros out of 10 euros – I don’t break even, but the pleasure I get from the game is worth the money.


What does a night guard in an office building do? Of course, play in casinos and dream about big money. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 3 years, playing and dreaming. Everything changed when I discovered the Sweet Bonanza slot – my card account has been replenished with an amount comparable to my salary for the 2nd month already. I play wisely, do not place large bets, spin the reels often, take bonuses, and use multipliers. It takes a lot of time, but the result is also not bad, at least for me.


I installed Sweet Bonanza just for the sake of sporting interest and also because of the beautiful design – the developers did a great job. As a woman, I really like this game. To be honest, so far I have been playing only the demo version because I am not a risk-taker. In the demo version, the winnings are very frequent, and the virtual account is constantly replenished. I hope that this situation and trend will be repeated when I register and take a chance with real money.

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