Sweet Bonanza demo

sweet bonanza demo

Slots are one of the most sought-after, popular, and numerous types of gambling that can be found on the Internet. Most online casinos, including Pin-Up casino, Jojobet, Casibom and other gambling platforms, offer the popular Sweet Bonanza for real money, but the provider also provides a convenient demo game option, which is described in detail below.

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Sweet Bonanza Demo slot

Demo slots are a free “trial” version of a gambling application that does not imply any risk for the user, because he does not put real money before spinning the reels of a digital machine downloaded on the casino provider’s website.
In the case of playing for real money, each user of the gaming platform is obliged to go through authorization and verification of his or her account, replenish the deposit, receive bonuses and other privileges from the system. In the case of a demo version of the program, as a rule, a player does not even need to register, and this marketing ploy is offered by many large companies that provide slot machine gaming applications.
This trial version of slots allows players to calculate the percentage of winnings, the probability of lucky combinations, as well as to familiarize themselves with the gameplay. After several successful wins in the demo version, players can register on the platform and start playing for real money.

How to play Sweet Bonanza demo

To play the Sweet Bonanza demo version on the Pin-Up Casino online gambling platform or other gaming websites, users do not need any special knowledge and skills, and they just need to follow all the steps of the following algorithm:

  • It is necessary to visit the official website of the gambling platform through a browser on a PC, mobile device or download a pre-installed application.
  • As a rule, registration of a new user for a trial game is not required, but each platform or provider may set its own requirements.
  • It is necessary to find the “slots” electronic menu key on the main screen and follow this link.
  • A new window will open with a list of slots with graphic icons, the name and a brief description of each machine.
  • Those slots whose icons are equipped with two electronic buttons – “Play for money” and “Demo” – allow users to download a trial version of the program, for example, Sweet Bonanza
  • Users click on the “Demo” link for the slot of their choice, and the gameplay of the game opens before them. Here you can immediately see the balance of the virtual account replenished by the system.
  • The player places bets and spins the reels in Sweet Bonanza. For each successful match of symbols, they are awarded winnings that can be used to continue the game.
  • You can play demo slots indefinitely, because after running out of money on the virtual account, you can re-enter the application, and it will be instantly replenished. However, players will never be able to get real money, and such slots quickly get boring. In such cases, the provider is always ready to offer to register, replenish the deposit and start the same game, but with real bets.

Sweet Bonanza demo – symbols and payouts

Demo versions of online slots differ only in the absence of real money, wins and losses in the game. Otherwise, the algorithm of using these gambling applications completely repeats real casino games. Developers of modern slots use the following graphic symbols:

  • Paylines – they divide the gameplay consisting of 9 icons (3 on each of the 3 reels) into a grid. They can be straight horizontal, diagonal, and zigzag. A winning combination can be collected along each line, which brings the user a win. Sweet Bonanza uses a 6 x 5 grid of 6 reels with 5 symbols on each, which increases the number of paylines and increases the chances of success. However, there are no paylines here, and a winning combination of 8 or more symbols that line up vertically or horizontally after the reels stop is considered to be a winning combination.
  • Standard symbols are a set of graphic images that correspond to the theme of the gaming application, the combination of which in a certain order brings the player profit. They can be depicted in the form of fruits, card symbols, thematic pictures that repeat the storyline of the game, for example, marine theme, western, America of the 30s, animated characters. In Sweet Bonanza, players are offered 9 standard symbols that are made in the form of fruits and sweets.”Wild symbols are special icons that also coincide with the gameplay theme and are marked with the word “Wild”. This symbol can substitute for any other standard symbol when a combination of them does not turn out to be complete and winning. The presence of 2 or 3 Wild symbols on the gameplay screen also gives the player the opportunity to get a big win. Sweet Bonanza does not have such a symbol, despite its popularity in other slots.
  • Scatter symbols – often presented in the form of cherries, sevens or other characteristic pictures. The appearance of these symbols in any sequence gives the player the right to count on small payouts from the system.
  • Scatter – all icons denoted by this word, if they appear in the amount of 3 pieces on 3 reels, give the user the right to participate in the free bonus game. In Sweet Bonanza, the Scatter is symbolized by a lollipop on a stick.
  • Multiplier symbols – increase the amount of winnings in case of successful combinations by a certain correction factor.
  • Bonus symbols are special icons that rarely appear on the reels and give players the opportunity to receive bonuses provided by the application.
sweet bonanza demo game

Many companies also offer not only the basic symbols listed above, but also special winning combinations, lucky icons, and other options, which ensures the attraction of new players.

How to play Sweet Bonanza for free?

All demo versions of slots imply only a free game, where the user is not required to replenish his account and make a deposit to his personal account. To play Sweet Bonanza, you don’t even need to register and verify with Pin-Up or other online casinos, because demo slots don’t record the data of free players.
Paid versions of the same app from online casinos can also be played for free, provided that the gambling platform offers no deposit bonuses. Many gambling software developers strive to attract as many customers as possible and outrun competitors. They are ready to pay small sums to players just for registering an account and verifying it.
The peculiarity of no deposit bonuses and free games is that users are not allowed to withdraw the money they have been given from the system until they participate in bets and win. Even in such cases, it is not always possible to withdraw money to your card or email account, as many platforms require a deposit to activate this option.

Safe casinos and RTP checks

When choosing a demo version of slots on an online gambling platform, users are recommended to study two important nuances regarding security and RTP verification, in particular:

  • Casino security – how well the platform is protected from third-party cyber attacks, how personal data and user accounts are encoded. As a rule, this information is described in special sections on the official website of the developer, and it can also be obtained from the reviews of real players on independent forums on the Internet.
  • RTP rating – literally stands for Return To Player, that is, in other words, what percentage of bets from real money deposits are returned to the user in the form of winnings. Average indicators are taken into account here, since, in some cases, a player can get much more, for example, a big win or Jackpot, or lose everything without a trace.

It is worth considering that it is the demo version of slots that will allow players to compile average statistics, calculate the actual RTP, after a certain number of virtual bets and make the final decision whether to start betting with real money.

Sweet Bonanza – free spins and demo bonus

Sweet Bonanza offers free spins in both the paid and demo versions. Each player can get free spins directly when bonus combinations appear on the reels. The size of the demo bonus depends on the number of Scatter symbols, which must be at least 4 for free spins to be activated. If a player gets 3 or more lollipops during the free spins, he or she will receive additional free spins.
Players can use the demo bonus in Sweet Bonanza without any restrictions, because all winning combinations fall out only randomly, which makes it almost impossible to predict the number of such rewards and free spins.

sweet bonanza demo slots

How to win in Sweet Bonanza slot?

To win in Sweet Bonanza, you need the following combinations of symbols to appear on the screen:
Bananas – winnings pay from 8 pieces on the screen or more, ranging from 25 to 200, relative to the amount of the bet.

  • Grapes – from 40 to 400.
  • Watermelon – from 50 to 500.
  • Plum – from 80 to 800.
  • Apple – from 100 to 1000.
  • Candy with a blue shell – from 150 to 1200.
  • Candy with a green shell – from 200 to 1500.
  • Candy with a purple shell – from 250 to 2500.
  • Candy with a red shell – from 1000 to 5000.
  • Lollipop on a stick – Scatter symbol – from 300 to 10000.
  • All the above betting odds are paid out if 8 or more of these symbols appear on a screen of 25 cells on 5 reels. The maximum odds apply when the number of these symbols after the reels stop is 12 or more.


The developer of Sweet Bonanza keeps up with the times with the online gambling industry. The platform offers users a large number of slots, many of which have demo versions. Players just need to download a trial version of the application they like without registering and making a deposit. This will allow them to get used to the gameplay, calculate the approximate RTP rating, and then significantly increase their chances of a successful game for real money.

Play Sweet Bonanza


The following are the most frequently asked questions that users ask the technical support service and the developers of Sweet Bonanza, with detailed answers to each of them.

Do I risk my money playing the Sweet Bonanza demo?

No, demo slots never require players to wager real money. Such trial versions of gaming applications do not even require registration of a new account and its verification in the system.

What is the difference between the real money and demo?

In terms of the interface, style and rules of the game, methods of calculation and accrual of winnings, players will never be able to see the difference between the paid and demo versions of Sweet Bonanza, which are completely identical.
The main difference is that there is no need to open a personal account, register an account in the system, and play for real money for the demo version of the program. At the same time, players will not be able to receive and withdraw winnings from the platform, since all money, bets, and winnings are virtual.

Why do I need the demo mode on Sweet Bonanza?

The demo mode on slots is necessary for the developers of the gaming platform to achieve the following goals:
Familiarizing the player with the application and the gameplay, learning the rules and style of betting, and getting winnings.
Increasing self-confidence before starting to play for real money, since many beginners are hesitant to make deposits and bets right away.
Calculation of the RTP rating during the repeated use of the demo version of the software, compilation of mathematical statistics of possible winnings.
Sweet Bonanza offers a full demo version of the slots gaming application. Players are happy to open virtual accounts and try their luck, which allows them to place bets with real money without fear of losing money later.

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